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  1. 2015-12-14

    Tiansheng PI Material Has Drawn Attention at 2015 Polymer Foam Conference

    Innovation, technology and application are the key factors in supporting the globalization of foam materials. The Polymer Foam Conference 2015 took place from 2 to 3 December in Shanghai. Experts of f


  2. 2015-11-02

    ISTAR & Tiansheng start a joint laboratory

          On October 28, the unveiling ceremony of the Joint Laboratory forIntelligent Manufacturing Materials was held in the R&D center ofTiansheng, which was jointly built by th


  3. 2015-10-19

    Top professor gives lecture on financial reform, ideas exchange between university & enterprises - EMBA Lecture Series by Top Professors joined by Tiansheng New Materials & Fudan University in Changzhou

          On October 16, the EMBA Lecture Series by Top Professors, which was joined by Tiansheng New Materials and Fudan University, came to Changzhou. Combined with a deep understand


  4. 2015-09-17

    Changsha maglev trains realize floating, Tiansheng designs & manufactures interior decoration integration

          Recently, the first maglev train of the Changsha maglev project, developedby CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., floated stably and ran at aspeed of 92 km/h during th


  5. 2015-08-10

    "863 Program" projects "high-strength low-density polymer materials and application technology" start will be held in Changzhou

          August 8 morning, the national "863 Program" New Materials Technology major projects "high-strength low-density polymer materials and application tec


  6. 2015-08-04

    Tiansheng development, design and then Fruitful

           Recently, Tiansheng have been made an invention patent, design patent.        Patent - "a combination of a phosphorus copolyester foam materials pre


  7. 2015-07-03

    Tiansheng eligible for two utility model patent certification

          Recently, the Tiansheng developed "composite panels and composite panels made of RV" and "profiles and profiles made car" utility model patent c


  8. 2015-05-22

    Experience orderly conveying from Master to Apprentice in pairs to promote company’s development

    Recently, Tiansheng Haotian Technology and Tiansheng Xinqisheng Polymer, in order to enhance employees’ overall quality, strengthen educational training to young employees and improve professional ski


  9. 2015-05-05

    Tiansheng newly certified invention patents

    Recently, A method for preparing foam polymer materials with industrial super critical fluid technique which was developed independently by Tiansheng has received an invention patent certification iss


  10. 2015-04-20

    Middle-level Class B of Tiansheng Leadership Training Camp formerly starts up

    Leadership training camp is a cultivation and development project where high and middle level managers of Tiansheng learn knowledge and skills about personnel management. Middle managers class A train


  11. 2015-04-09

    Tiansheng RV debut in CARAVANING (Beijing)

    Changzhou Tiansheng New Materials Co., Ltd had its two new trailer RV debut in the Tenth All in CARAVANING (Beijing) on March 19 to 22, 2015. Tiansheng RV attracted many exhibitors’ eyes with its huma


  12. 2015-02-02

    Make grand prospect with great ambitions & turn heaven & earth with firm strides— Reports on 2014 Tiansheng group management summary conference & 2015 signing ceremony for Letter of Operation Responsibility for Tiansheng subsidiary companies

    The corporation held a summary of 2014 Tiansheng group management and a signing ceremony of 2015 subsidiary companies management responsibility on January 28, 2015. The company’s leaders Xu Yi, Qian B


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